Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little over eager, perhaps...

This is my second day with a blog, and I feel over eager posting again, but eh... I know you, my adoring fans, are excited to read more.

A little more about us-

Cj has a great job that he tells me he loves. He is a shop manager, and he is on a fast track to becoming a regional manager. We are falling in love with this place though. Its going to be really tough to leave it in a few years.

We have a nice home with amazing Landlords. A great change from Larry the peeping tom. :P We have a great cat, Strykker, and don't tell Cj, but I have also signed up for the cat fostering program. I will be fostering Momma cat and kittens. I get them when they are cute and tiny and cuddly, and then help them find homes. I am super excited about it. Chaun has started asking me about having a baby in my tummy, and I think this will help him understand babies before we do that.
And the answer to your question about that is.... No. Not yet. Hopefully soon. We are ready :)

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