Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Reunion

We just got back from the 20th Hart family reunion. It was great being able to see everyone. The 'kid' cousins are graduating from high school, getting married and going to college. Its crazy. And my Uncles have finally mellowed out a bit. Sure, they still have to jump off any bridge over four feet of water, but now they come up whining about 'backs' and 'cold'.

We went horse back riding.
As soon as we told Chaun he asked, "I am a cowboy? I need a hat. We need to go shopping."

We also went to Yellowstone Bear World with my Dad.
Do not pet. Not a toy.

We got some pictures.
Very nice.

Overall a great time. I love spending time with my family. It was awesome.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tamazine says I need to update daily, so here's an update :)

I have two jobs now and work a lot. I still work at the hotel, mostly just to help out, and because I would feel horrible quitting during the busiest part of the year. The only good thing that came out of that job is Vicki, my only friend in Rockaway.

My other job, on the other hand.... Amazing. I love it. Anyone who knows me knows I flourish under pressure. And there's a lot of pressure there. Its a very fast paced, go-go-go place. You hit the ground running and don't stop until you drop into your car to drive home.
BUT... They love me. They really do. I'm kinda hard to get worked up, and I move on fast. I came in and asked to learn everything, and I watch the owners alot to see what stresses them out, and then I work to stop that from happening.

Just this last Saturday one of my bosses couldnt walk because he had a really really bad infection, and his wife is massively pregnant. Saturday is the busiest day for us. $100's in tips. I punched out and drove him to the ER and sat with him for hours. Spent my whole night there with him. I lost alot of money, but short time loss, long term gain.

I'm away from home alot, and I dont like that. But most weekends the Chauns go to Vancouver, so I work all night, sleep for a few hours and then work at the hotel in the morning and get back to work at 3. It keeps me busy and happy while they are gone.

Chaun is growing up so fast. He talks really well, and loves taking care of the three kitties we are fostering. He really wants to keep one, Clover, and I am for it. She seems to like his rough cuddles. He makes her stay with him when he watches a movie, and she actually falls asleep on him. Its super cute. I love the runt, Mara. She used to be the ugliest cat ever, but now she is a very soft grey and orange. :) She loves me.

Thats all I got right now Tamazine, I'll probably edit and add pictures later.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yesterday was the Forth of July, and it was amazing. There was a big parade, and Chaun got a bag of candy. The floats were pretty cool, and I got to say, we have the coolest emergency vehicles I've ever seen, including a Hummer Search and Rescue.
I was supposed to work from 6-11 that night, but they shut the doors at 9, and I made it home just in time. I grabbed a ton of blankets and ran for the beach where I met the boys just out side of the roped off area right as the first fireworks started.
We threw down a blanket, squeezed Chaun in between us and watched the best show I've ever seen.

Half way through they did what we thought was the grand finale that would have put most entire firework shows to shame, and then they just kept going.

The fireworks were amazing, but my favorite part of the night was when Chaun said "Hey, Mom? I love you. Hey, Dad? I love you" :) Perfect day.