Friday, May 27, 2011

Do you ever have on of those days when the toys need picked up, the laundry needs done, the dishwasher needs emptied, and you have zero motivation? Yeah... its one of those days here. :)

The weather is pretty mellow for spring. It rained yesterday, but its been pretty sunny lately. I've got a nice tan on my arms, and little Chaun lucked out with Reuben and Veronicas skin color. He tans so easy.

We currently have a lovely patch of dirt for a front yard, but I bought grass seed and flowers, so its a work in progress. It will look good someday. I wanted box hedges around the front, but they take forever to grow, and we wont even be here long enough to see them touch. You know me, I want it now! :)

On nice days we take a walk up in the hills behind us. There is a landing with an amazing view. You can see the waves breaking, and ships way out at sea. It is so stunningly beautiful. I dont know what I did to deserve this life, but I really love it.

Little Chaun slept in bed with us last night. He hardly ever does, but its nice to snuggle with him listening to Daddy snore.

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