Sunday, May 29, 2011

The elusive Reuben :)

I love how Rochelle post pictures on her blog. Its the only place to see the kids. And I figured, since I live close to Chet and Bri and Reuben, and they kinda drop off the world unless you are right in their face, I'd update you all on them. :)

Chet and Bri are doing great. I love seeing them interact. They are living in the old house on K street, and it looks pretty different from before. Bri is a great decorator, and the house looks nice. Yes there is a TV in the living room. :) The dinning room looks... like a dinning room. No knights of the round table in there. :) Reuben sleeps in the big room up stairs, and Chester has the coolest computer I've ever seen. Lots of geek appeal. Something about aliens. Its nice.

Phebee has a new best friend, Mars, a pure bred rottweiler. Yeah, I was a little apprehensive too.
This dog is smart though. And very mellow.

He is 8 weeks old and weighs 30 pounds, as much as my three year old. He will be full grown in 7 months. Like a puppy, he chews on everything. Cement, the fig tree, ropes.
He loves chasing Chaun around, but he doesnt play rough at all.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Do you ever have on of those days when the toys need picked up, the laundry needs done, the dishwasher needs emptied, and you have zero motivation? Yeah... its one of those days here. :)

The weather is pretty mellow for spring. It rained yesterday, but its been pretty sunny lately. I've got a nice tan on my arms, and little Chaun lucked out with Reuben and Veronicas skin color. He tans so easy.

We currently have a lovely patch of dirt for a front yard, but I bought grass seed and flowers, so its a work in progress. It will look good someday. I wanted box hedges around the front, but they take forever to grow, and we wont even be here long enough to see them touch. You know me, I want it now! :)

On nice days we take a walk up in the hills behind us. There is a landing with an amazing view. You can see the waves breaking, and ships way out at sea. It is so stunningly beautiful. I dont know what I did to deserve this life, but I really love it.

Little Chaun slept in bed with us last night. He hardly ever does, but its nice to snuggle with him listening to Daddy snore.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little over eager, perhaps...

This is my second day with a blog, and I feel over eager posting again, but eh... I know you, my adoring fans, are excited to read more.

A little more about us-

Cj has a great job that he tells me he loves. He is a shop manager, and he is on a fast track to becoming a regional manager. We are falling in love with this place though. Its going to be really tough to leave it in a few years.

We have a nice home with amazing Landlords. A great change from Larry the peeping tom. :P We have a great cat, Strykker, and don't tell Cj, but I have also signed up for the cat fostering program. I will be fostering Momma cat and kittens. I get them when they are cute and tiny and cuddly, and then help them find homes. I am super excited about it. Chaun has started asking me about having a baby in my tummy, and I think this will help him understand babies before we do that.
And the answer to your question about that is.... No. Not yet. Hopefully soon. We are ready :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A little about us

We live on the edge of an ex forest. Less than a month after moving here they clear cut two blocks away from us. I don't mind. I married a logger, so I understand that it was just sterile tree farm, and not a real forest. But I don't think I will ever forget the sound of squirrels screaming. So horrible. On to happier things...

We live on Ocean Street. The street are ABC order, so that means we are 15 blocks from the ocean, which is both good and bad. We are just above the Tsunami evacuation, but Chaun has little legs, and by the time we walk to the beach and play, I have to carry him home :) Thats when it is nice that the blocks are shorter than normal, and some streets, like Marine, aren't even there. There is just a grass path where someday there could be a road.

This is a very small town, and although there are lots of homes, only about 1 in 5 are lived in. When I meet someone my age (20-45), its a big deal. We both get all excited and exchange info. Most of the people out here are retired. And very old.

Chaun has a little daycare that he loves, "Pammies" and begs to go play everyday. He does go about twice a week for a few hours. I think it is awesome for him. He has friends, Carter and Grace, and tries new food everyday.

Today when we got home from daycare there were four deer next door, and one is hugely pregnant. Chaun already has big plans for her baby. He says it can sleep in his bed, and if there are two, one can sleep on the floor by the bed. He plans to feed it cheese, and pet it.