Monday, August 1, 2011


Chaun woke up this morning having a hard time breathing. By 9 o'clock I was scared and tried getting him into the same day clinic in Wheeler, but the receptionist told me that they couldn't see him till 2, and that I should take him in to the ER. Chaun had made himself a bed on the couch, but didnt fight me when I got him dressed and put him in the car. On the way there I told him to try and take deep breaths. By that time if he tried to talk he couldn't say more than three words without having to stop and take a breath.

We made it about 8 minutes in the car before he couldn't talk any more. I looked at him slumped over and thought, I need an ambulance or a Dr right now, he isnt going to make the hour drive to Seaside. We got to Wheeler, pulled him out of the car and rushed him into their clinic. I was crying so hard I couldn't talk, and the receptionist jumped up and pulled out a walkie talkie and had people rushing to meet us. They hooked Chaun up to all sorts of goodies, and gave him a 'dragon breather' (nebulizer) that opened his lungs up so he could breathe better. His oxygen levels were good, and within 30 minutes he was up and running around the room like normal. Whew.

They aren't sure what caused it, or if it will happen again, but they gave us an inhaler to take home and told me next time to bring him in immediately or to call an ambulance, because our ambulances are kinda like mini mobile hospitals. Never try and take him to a hospital an hour away. He is much better now, still breathing really shallow, but not panting like he was this morning. I hope this was just an isolated episode, but now at least we know what to do.