Sunday, May 29, 2011

The elusive Reuben :)

I love how Rochelle post pictures on her blog. Its the only place to see the kids. And I figured, since I live close to Chet and Bri and Reuben, and they kinda drop off the world unless you are right in their face, I'd update you all on them. :)

Chet and Bri are doing great. I love seeing them interact. They are living in the old house on K street, and it looks pretty different from before. Bri is a great decorator, and the house looks nice. Yes there is a TV in the living room. :) The dinning room looks... like a dinning room. No knights of the round table in there. :) Reuben sleeps in the big room up stairs, and Chester has the coolest computer I've ever seen. Lots of geek appeal. Something about aliens. Its nice.

Phebee has a new best friend, Mars, a pure bred rottweiler. Yeah, I was a little apprehensive too.
This dog is smart though. And very mellow.

He is 8 weeks old and weighs 30 pounds, as much as my three year old. He will be full grown in 7 months. Like a puppy, he chews on everything. Cement, the fig tree, ropes.
He loves chasing Chaun around, but he doesnt play rough at all.

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  1. So cute! I don't know if the new dog is invited to the family get together in July. But he sure is cute!